Play it once, Sam, for old times’ sake

Hace poco volví a ver Casablanca y me imaginé como sería en la actualidad la historia de amor entre Rick e Ilsa. No había ninguna guerra que les impidiese continuar su romántica aventura. Pero sí Eurocopa, una galopante crisis y telebasura. Ilsa se lamentaba de que Rick no la valorase lo suficiente. Se quejaba porque ya no había pasión. Ni siquiera cariño o ternura. Y Rick… él no hacía ni sentía nada. En época de crisis, la victoria de su equipo en la Eurocopa era su única preocupación.

Rick a Isla: “Recuerdo cada detalle. Los alemanes iban de gris. Los griegos [Tú ibas] de azul.”

El amor moderno.


Recently I watched Casablanca again and I imagined how the love story between Rick and Ilsa would be nowadays. There is no war that will stop them from continuing their romance. But there is the Eurocup, a runaway crisis and junk TV. Ilsa laments that Rick  takes her for granted. She complains because there is no passion. There is not even love or tenderness. And Rick … he doesn’t feel anything. In times of crisis, his only concern is his team’s victory at the Eurocup.

Rick to Ilsa: “I remember every detail. The Germans wore grey, the Greeks [you] wore blue.”

Modern love.


Acerca de Biel Calderon

“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me … Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me” (Steve Jobs) Born in Mallorca, 1983. 18 years later I moved to Madrid to study BA Political Science, 2001-2006. I wanted to be a photographer. In 2007 I graduated MA Asian and Pacific Studies, Barcelona. I wanted to be a photographer. Finally, in 2007 I graduated MA Photojournalism. Since then I have collaborated with digital magazines, NGO’s and newspapers. And I became a photographer. Recently I have been exploring Multimedia Journalism along side my photography in order to test new ways of storytelling. Currently based in Bangkok.
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