I’m on a special diet. No toxic waste.

Deep South Thailand Conflict

Nick Szalinski: We could be anywhere now.
Russell ‘Russ’ Thompson, Jr.: I think we’re still in your yard.
Nick Szalinski: How do you know?
Russell ‘Russ’ Thompson, Jr.: Any other yard the grass would be shorter.

(Honey, I Shrunk the Kids)

*Pattani, south of Thailand.

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What? Where? Who? When? How? Why?


Dith Pran: [in his journal while imprisoned] The wind whispers of fear and hate. The war has killed love. And those that confess to the Angka are punished, and no one dare ask where they go. Here, only the silent survive.

(The Killing Fields)

*Pattani, south of Thailand.

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It’s the end of the world.

Deep South Thailand Conflict

Melanie Daniels: Just what is it you’re looking for, sir?
Mitch Brenner: Lovebirds.
Melanie Daniels: Lovebirds, sir?
Mitch Brenner: Yes. I understand there are different varieties. Is that true?
Melanie Daniels: Oh yes, there are.
Mitch Brenner: Well, uh, these are for my sister, for her birthday, see, and uh, as she’s only gonna be eleven, I, I wouldn’t want a pair of birds that were… too demonstrative.
Melanie Daniels: I understand completely.
Mitch Brenner: At the same time, I wouldn’t want them to be too aloof, either.
Melanie Daniels: No, of course not.
Mitch Brenner: Do you happen to have a pair of birds that are… just friendly?

(The Birds)

*Panare District, Pattani, south of Thailand.

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Today is tomorrow. It happened.

Anti government protests in Bangkok.

Phil: What would you do if you were stuck in one place and every day was exactly the same, and nothing that you did mattered?

Ralph: That about sums it up for me.

(Groundhog Day)

PS: “Foreign reporters waiting for the Chaeng Wattana police crackdown are getting bored.” True story.


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I sat down and tried to write a story.


“I don’t know if I will have the time to write any more letters, because I might be too busy trying to participate. So, if this does end up being the last letter, I just want you to know that I was in a bad place before I started high school, and you helped me. Even if you didn’t know what I was talking about, or know someone who’s gone through it, you made me not feel alone. Because I know there are people who say all these things don’t happen. And there are people who forget what it’s like to be sixteen when they turn seventeen. I know these will all be stories some day, and our pictures will become old photographs. We all become somebody’s mom or dad. But right now, these moments are not stories. This is happening. I am here, and I am looking at her. And she is so beautiful. I can see it. This one moment when you know you’re not a sad story. You are alive. And you stand up and see the lights on the buildings and everything that makes you wonder. And you’re listening to that song, and that drive with the people who you love most in this world. And in this moment, I swear, we are infinite.”

(Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower)

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How did it get so late so soon?


Every time we stumble
Every time we fall
Every time we try to make it stop
Every time we stumble
Every time we fall
Every time I feel you’re falling apart

I feel like nothing can change, again
we see the same ghost everyday
And when it comes, tomorrow will be the same
We feel the same
We’re still the same
We stay the same

(Stay The Same – The Shoes ft Esser)

Happy Birthday To Me.

* Photo by Cristina De Middel.

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Los números de 2013

Los duendes de las estadísticas de WordPress.com prepararon un informe sobre el año 2013 de este blog.

Aquí hay un extracto:

Un teleférico de San Francisco puede contener 60 personas. Este blog fue visto por 2.900 veces en 2013. Si el blog fue un teleférico, se necesitarían alrededor de 48 viajes para llevar tantas personas.

Haz click para ver el reporte completo.

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Hoy es siempre todavía.


Richard Berendzen: Within our lifetimes, we’ve marveled as biologists have managed to look at ever smaller and smaller things. And astronomers have looked further and further into the dark night sky, back in time and out in space. But maybe the most mysterious of all is neither the small nor the large: it’s us, up close. Could we even recognize ourselves, and if we did, would we know ourselves? What would we say to ourselves? What would we learn from ourselves? What would we really like to see if we could stand outside ourselves and look at us?

(Another Earth)

* Tacloban, Philippines, 18-11-2013

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Podrán cortar todas las flores, pero no podrán detener la primavera.


Hubert: Heard about the guy who fell off a skyscraper? On his way down past each floor, he kept saying to reassure himself: So far so good… so far so good… so far so good. How you fall doesn’t matter. It’s how you land.

(La Haine)

* Tacloban, Philippines, 18-11-2013

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Poetry is what happens when nothing else can.

Anti-amnesty law bill protesters in Silom Road.

“Some lose all mind and become soul, insane.
Some lose all soul and become mind, intellectual.
Some lose both and become accepted”

(Charles Bukowski)

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